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Easter’s just a day

One of my duties when I first arrived at All Saints’ Church, West Haddon, was to lead a mid-week service of Holy Communion – the BCP version, naturally! The custom was for the worship leader at that service to deliver not so much a sermon as what the vicar called ‘a blessed thought.’ I published my weekly offerings as a sort of ‘thought for the week,’ partly so others might read them and comment on them, and partly just as a personal record. So, here’s the first one from 27 April 2011… Isaiah 42:10-16 & John 20:11-18 The last few weeks have been very hectic for us as we prepared for our move and our new life here. And it was even more hectic this last week as we, along with the church generally, prepared for the biggest, most important event in the Church’s calendar, Easter Sunday and the celebration of the central most important event of all: the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Days and weeks of preparation, and for those of us who were privileged to share them, the results of all that preparation were very worthwhile, and I hope you won’t mind my singling out, among the very many who contributed to our preparations and celebrations, Sandy and Sue for their moving contributions, especially the prayer trail and the service of light here, and Dennis’s musical offering based on the work “The Cross of Christ” helped us all to prepare for the shouts of

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