Swimming against tides

A selfie in front of a crack'd mirror which I fancy reflects the multitudinous aspects of my life and personality (the allusion is to  Agatha Christie's Miss Marple novel The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (1962))
Through a mirror crack'd...

BY CHANCE, or by coincidence, or by God-incidence – please choose your own interpretation depending on your faith or none – today I had an epiphany: although Epiphany is generally taken to be the specific celebration in the Christian Church at this time of year, there is also a secular definition which is “a moment of sudden and great revelation or realisation.”  My epiphany was to realise that I had to start this blog again from scratch. I have been building my personal blog for many years using my well tried and tested method of jumping in with both feet, learning on the job. There was no systematic thinking about it, no systematic structure, and therefore unsurprisingly, it was never ‘satisfactory’. Therefore I to start again from scratch. So, while I have a certain amount of previous material, and many more new things I want to ‘get off my chest’, they will all have to wait until I have the structure working as I want it.

This might take days, or weeks, or months, or – God forbid – years, but my immediate goal is to have a functioning blog site and then later to populate it with the hopefully good thoughts of someone who has spent several decades ‘swimming against the tides’ of received wisdom, and to dialogue perhaps with like-minded people.

So if you have come across this site by chance, do please stop by from time to time to see if it’s working. Alternatively, please email me on trevor@trevorsblog.net and I’ll drop you a line when it goes live..