Swimming against tides

A selfie in front of a crack'd mirror which I fancy reflects the multitudinous aspects of my life and personality (the allusion is to  Agatha Christie's Miss Marple novel The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (1962))

Many years have passed since I first decided to publish a blog. The reasons for it not happening are many and varied, and I will perhaps reveal them somewhere in these pages.

But for now, you are very welcome to my small corner of the Internet where I shall publish a variety of my random thoughts, many of them contrary to established lore and theory, because throughout my life and increasingly as I get older I have been a contrarian. Opponents, and we contrarians naturally gather a lot of opponents, will say simply that I am awkward, creating arguments where none exist. Within these pages I hope it may be that you will be kinder and engage with me in genuine discussion on the matters in contention.

For that reason you are very welcome to comment, my only caveat being that you are kind enough at least to consider my point of view before trying to tear it down. In return, I will undertake to do the same for you, so that between us we might come to an agreed consensus as best we can.

On the ‘about’ page I list some of my history, where I come from and what has led me to be who I am and where I am. On the ‘credo’ I wax a little more philosophical so that my religious posts can be seen in context. On the ‘credo’ sub-page I publish some of the sermons which I have preached over the years, again primarily for context but you are very welcome to do what I have begged for and never enjoyed over the years – feedback on my words.

But the main part  of this website is the ‘blog’ page where I set out my thoughts on a variety of subjects as they occur to me. Some posts will be on subjects which have engaged my thinking for some years, others entirely new subjects as we come to mind from time to time. I look forward to chatting with you.

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