Trevor's blog

This is both a blog with regular posts and articles, and a web site with more static content.  This page outlines some of the subjects or topics which particularly interest me just now: they might change over time!


About God, me, the world, beliefs, and more generally theological and philosophical thinking: just as I believe that everyone who prays is a theologian, I also maintain that everyone who thinks is a philosopher.

About me and my blog

About the tortuous history of this blog…


Things I go on about. A lot. Like spelling, grammar, manners, equality, and more.  Topics which make me cross. Very cross sometimes, and as often as not things in the news. 


In 2016, against all rational expectations, the UK voted by a narrow  majority to leave the EU.  That, and the subsequent actions of the political parties, politicised me. Heavily.

Ranting and raving

Things that I’m passionate about other than those covered by the other categories, though there is boiund to be some overlap. The passion here, though, tends to be unfocussed anger…  you are warned!


I mostly try to follow the advice attributed to (but here slightly modified by me) the great Karl Barth: your task is to hold a newspaper in one hand, a Bible in the other, and to preach from both.