– Oh my God, what can I say!

Romans 8.26 I suppose if you ask most people what Christians do, they might come up with the answer, “they pray a lot.” Well, I certainly prayed when I sat down to think about what to say to you good people here this morning. It is one of the difficulties of being a supply preacher, […]

…even in these high seats there is both wheat, and tares

Jesus spent a lot of his time teaching those who would listen almost entirely in parables. In chapter 13 of his Gospel St Matthew records seven of them. The one we heard a few moments ago is called in modern Bible translations, ‘the parable of the weeds among the wheat.’ The farmer sowed his wheat, […]


Preparing for a service I found this. I know it doesn’t apply to everyone who prays, nor even possibly to the many. But it deserves to be repeated. My source didn’t know the origin of it: any information gratefully received. I was hungry, and you formed a bible study group to discuss my hunger. I […]