Hi! My name is Trevor Jordan, and this is my blog, which is no more than a place where I can record some of my thoughts on any subject which takes my attention.

There will be times when my thoughts are unconventional, and sometimes therefore they might seem offensive to anyone who disagrees with me, but I hope I am never intentionally offensive.

So, you are welcome to browse, you are welcome to disagree, you are welcome to comment. 
But please, always be…  courteous.

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Postscript to emptying churches

There is a long story behind it, but this morning I attended a Baptist chapel service for the first time in 50 years. I was persuaded


Emptying churches

I attended a service for the interment of ashes this morning. A short, dignified order of service had been prepared and printed, but I’m afraid

random thoughts

My history in cameras

Over my many years I have had many hobbies and leisure interests, but the one I’ve had longest, and which I enjoy regularly now even

random thoughts

Good game spoiled

Excessive advertising spoiled my enjoyment of a national rugby match

random thoughts

At long last…

Why it has taken so long to publish my very first blog post… This blog has been many years in the making. I have started at an abandoned it so many times that has become almost habitual. But for some reason today I asked myself why this might be, and came up with a number of possible explanations, although they are not of course excuses.