The bust of PATROCLUS
 in the William Fox Talbot exhibition
at Lacock Abbey. Fox Talbot’s own image of the bust is seen on the back wall.

Welcome to my blog, my   tiny  corner of cyberspace.


And now that I have published it, I haven’t been any visitors as far as I know, and there certainly haven’t been any comments, so today I am mothballing this site. If you do come across it and move to make a comment, please do – I will be notified of your visit and your comment – but I won’t be regularly adding any amount of content as I had planned except as a pure record for myself and various things that I have written.

My right eye. From a series of self-portraits.
Some of my thoughts and ideas, random and otherwise, are collected here  for my own record, but visitors are warmly invited to stay and chat for a while: a sort of fireside chat, I suppose… please pull up a chair, click a link, and let’s chat…