A bit about me…

A very brief history of my life

Born in Leicester in 1944, fourth of five children. Schooled in Leicester, attended medical school in London. Seven years in the Royal Air Force Medical Branch, then civilian general medical practice in Leicestershire until an injury to my back forced me to retire.

A very brief history of me and God

Baptised as an infant in the Methodist Church, full immersion baptism into the Baptist Church teenager, eventually “saw the light” and subsequently trained as a Reader in the Church of England, which led to training as a priest and ordination. I believe in and the love God, but I no longer believe in the holy Catholic church for reasons which will become clear in this blog.

Why I am a sceptic

From an early age, I took to my heart Kipling’s six honest serving men: “They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.” It wasn’t enough to be told that something was so, I wanted to know how it was so, why it was so, were there times when it wasn’t so. I like to think that I have an “enquiring attitude of mind” though many have called me bolshie. I prefer to call it “swimming against the tide” of what is sometimes unquestioning beliefs and attitudes.

As I grow older this attitude of scepticism persists and grows stronger, with the result that I am often at odds with prevailing attitudes and beliefs when I cannot find a rational justification for them. When I question an attitude or belief, however, I hope that I am not confrontational, simply wanting to find what is true, what might be untrue, and what is unanswerable.