Minimalism. More or less…

Today via a friend’s Facebook page I came across YouTube videos about Minimalism, which rang a vague bell  in my head. The first video I looked at was how changing my environmental visuals could change my habits, and this immediately struck a chord: I sit in front of the television and eat sweets because I […]

The best things in life are ***FREE*** – at a price

Despite constant disappointment, I am still a sucker for items and products which claim in their advertising to be ***FREE*** only to find that there is an inescapable cost. The best things in life ain’t ever free…

The title isn’t always necessary…

No, your name isn’t Reverend Jane Jones! Nor Doctor John Smith! Why do you claim otherwise? Some random thoughts on an admittedly niche irritation

A good game spoiled

Yesterday I watched a televised rugby match between England and Scotland. The matchplay was exciting, the result very close and only finally determined in the last few minutes of the game. It should have been a very positive experience. But for me it was terminally spoiled by the vast array of intrusive advertising. Every camera […]

My history in cameras

Over my many years I have had many hobbies and leisure interests, but the one I’ve had longest, and which I enjoy regularly now even in my dotage is photography. So it is natural to express that in this blog. I still have every camera I have ever used and they are in the featured […]

At long last

This blog has been very many years in the making. I have started and abandoned it so many times that abandonment has become almost habitual. But for some reason  I recently asked myself why this might be, and came up with a number of possible explanations, although they are not of course excuses. One of […]