Oh my God, what do I say!

Romans 8.26 I suppose if you ask most people what Christians do, they might come up with the answer, “they pray a lot.” Well, I certainly prayed when I sat down to think about what to say to you good people here this morning. It is one of the difficulties of being a supply preacher, filling in during vacancies. We can usually have no real idea of what is happening within your congregation or your community, so we can’t talk about those things, even though they are obviously uppermost in your minds. We can of course, normally at least, simply

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…even in these high seats there is both wheat, and tares

Even in the church. And we only have so much time and energy. We can spend it on “witch hunts” to somehow purify the church, to turf out the tares and keep us all safe from Satan (as if that were possible), or we can spend our time and energy developing strong roots of faith by which we absorb spiritual nourishment, and bear fruit for the Kingdom.

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