Removing the wires

Telephone and telegraph wires, and even telegraph poles, can be a visual nuisance in photographs, and although it might be advisable to change one’s point of view to avoid them, that isn’t always possible. So it is with delight that I offer for consideration the Touch Retouch app for the iPhone. It is simplicity itself to use. Open an image, choose the appropriate tool from the app’s toolbox, and paint on the correction mask. But it is easier to show than to describe in words, so here with is a short screen grab I made. I think the results speak

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Photographic background

My first camera was the , a gift from my older brother John. It was a folding 2¼” square format film camera. Sadly I have long since disposed of it (the photo is one I bought to indulge a sense of nostalgia) so I don’t know which model I had except that it was a later horizontal version with the optical direct vision viewfinder below the flash shoe, so probably made in the early fifties. That Nettar introduced me to film processing using a Paterson developing tank. The reel was loaded with the film inside a cloth changing bag, .

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