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Minimalism. More or less…

Today via a friend’s Facebook page I came across YouTube videos about Minimalism, which rang a vague bell  in my head. The first video I looked at was how changing my environmental visuals could change my habits, and this immediately struck a chord: I sit in front of the television

A good game spoiled

Yesterday I watched a televised rugby match between England and Scotland. The matchplay was exciting, the result very close and only finally determined in the last few minutes of the game. It should have been a very positive experience. But for me it was terminally spoiled by the vast array

Rescuing old photos and old memories

One of my techniques for coping with my bereavement is to be busy, to have lots to do so I’m not constantly thinking about losing my beloved wife, Jenny. So I imagine a wide variety of projects, many of which never leave the initial planning stage because I recognise that

Boring churches despite raised arms…

There is a long story behind it, but this morning I attended a Baptist chapel service for the first time in 50 years. I was persuaded by the enthusiasm and comradely nature of some old friends whom I had not met for many long years. They said that I would