Welcome to what will become my blog. It is still rudimentary, under development. But its purpose is as much to learn about creating a blog as it is about publishing it.After very many years of threatening to create a blog, and after very many years of threatening to write a book On Mission and Growth in the Church of England, my two vague aspirations have come together.

I started to write the book, and I discovered that I needed to do a lot of writing for every chapter and paragraph: the material I had was inchoate – not fully formed or developed. So I formed the idea of taking the various disparate elements and topics of the book and writing them as stand-alone blog posts. Which meant that I had to create a blog.

That led me to various web tutorials, but I finally decided that I knew enough HTML and CSS, and had enough familiarity with Elementor, to go it alone, albeit at this time in a rather more organised fashion using Workflowy of which more in a blog post at some point, although the self-portrait below might hint at the fragmented nature of my mind! It is, incidentally, much bigger than I intended, so that goes on my ‘to do’ list immediately!

But for the moment I am still in the early stages of creating the blog, and if you have come across this by accident or by design please forgive its incompleteness, let me know by email what you think of it, and please come back later.

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